06 October, 2016

Two new Zen pinball tables

Zen Studios surprised us with two new tables of the Marvel, Women of Power,  series. I have time and again written that I do not like the Zen tables because of their excessive animations and non-pinball features. Still I somehow feel compelled to test them because of the superb graphics and decent physics.

I do not care in the least for Marvel comics and so I do not have the slightest idea what the backstory of those two tables is. The various heroines which appear in the game are there, to my eyes of course, in order to distract one from pure pinball playing. Fortunately they are not too intrusive and thus one can still enjoy the game. The first table, A-Force,

is more 3D-looking while the second, Champions,

has a more cartoonish look. I played both for about the same time and my verdict is clear. I enjoyed a lot playing A-Force and I would have spent more time with this table were it not for Dr. Who. Champions is a totally different story. The first time you launch the ball you see arrive from the left at top speed and it drains before you can react (at least this is what happened to me). Once you expect this to happen you do have time to react but there is a simpler trick: just lift your left flipper in which case the ball jumps to the right one and you can take it from there. However I found Champions less engaging than A-Force: what is the interest in sending the ball over various lanes at high-speed? On the other hand if you are a Marvel comics buff both tables are for you.

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