24 September, 2017

Out of the blue: Tristan and Crystal Caliburn update

I was going to post the article on LIttlewing below on September 19th. But then I left for short vacations and it had been impossible to post the article as initially planned. I had to do it upon my return on the 23rd. While I was away my friend Marco sent me an email announcing something surprising: an update to the iOS version of both Tristan and Crystal Caliburn had surfaced. And, lo and behold, when I checked my iPad the two updates were there.

These are the versions 1.9 for Tristan and 1.5 CC2 and what really matters is that they are 64-bit versions. This means that they will be running even when one updates to iOS 11. (For me this means next month, when I buy a new iPadPro, the 10.5" version).

Those are great news. Since Littlewing folded there have been (quite understandably) no updates of the various pinball games, with as a result the disappearance of all PowerPC Mac tables except for Monster Fair, Fairy Tower and Mad Daedalus. Alas all three tables are compiled for 32-bit processors which means that we will be unable to play them in MacOS 10.14, the successor to High Sierra. Unless, Fujita-san surprises us again, but I wouldn't hold my breath. At best we might see an update of the AppStore-distributed Tristan. As you probably know, if you have read my post, Fujita-san is out of the pinball business and works fo Google in the US. So, let's count our blessings and continue playing the two surviving Littlewing pinballs. They are here to stay.

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