01 October, 2017

FarSight's new folly

I have been frequently writing about games that are abusing the term pinball. The only pinball-ish feature in these games is the fact that you hit on a ball with flippers. Most of them are totally uninteresting.  So I was somehow taken aback when I stumbled upon the new game by FarSight, Pinball Cadet

It's not a pinball. Of course, there is a ball moving on a tilted plane and you can hit it with flippers. There the pinball analogy stops. The game is not bad. It's an invaders-like game situated in a spaceship. Graphically nice with quite acceptable ball physics. I gave it a try and I can tell that it is not as bad as the majority of games with pinball in their title. It is even better than quite a few awful pinball games out there. However it is definitely not a pinball. So, as far as I am concerned, I am going to simply forget it.

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