24 December, 2017

The sad state of iOS pinballs

I am regularly visiting the TouchArcade page, where one can find most useful info concerning iOS games, both released and upcoming. They are not particularly fond of pinballs but one can find an occasional reference to Zen and FarSight tables. Today I ran across their sum-up of the year in games.

They are giving their list of the top 100 iOS games. And, guess what, not a single pinball  has made the list. I cannot judge the value of their list not being an expert in games other than pinballs. I could recognise some games I do appreciate like Flip-flop, Framed, Monument Valley but no pinball. (By the way, I went back to the best of 2016 and 2015 lists. Same thing: no pinball). Although we are talking here about the TouchArcade people preferences, the fact that pinballs have been totally ignored is telling. Are we witnessing the end of digital pinball? I am not very optimistic.

1 comment:

  1. Both Zen and Farsight have recently released free to download versions on Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the shift is towards dedicated game consoles?