10 December, 2017

They've done it again

I have frequently written about these awful games which have pinball in their title just because they use flippers to hit on a ball. They are not pinballs. I don't know why I keep downloading and trying these games. They are definitely not worth the effort. 

The latest in the series is a game called "Battle Pinball".

One is facing an opponent (who can be the CPU) and try, by hitting on a ball, to make it drain on the opponent's side. Once you play a game you have to watch a 20 second video before being allowed to play again! 

I cannot understand why people are doing this. I am not saying that there are no pinball inspired, non-pinball, games which are not worth their while. Pinout and INKS spring to mind. But they are the two exceptions (along with perhaps ZenDots which is so-so but acceptable) in a quagmire of sh...y games which are slowly polluting the iOS pinball landscape. Anyhow, Battle Pinball is a game with uninteresting gameplay, bad physics and simplistic graphics. We can easily forget about it.

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