11 March, 2018

I couldn't believe my eyes

I have already written about one of the first Pat Lawlor pinballs, the famous Banzai Run. In my tribute to Lawlor I even included a photo of the playfield and of the backglass. When I presented the new Dialed In! pinball by Lawlor I wrote that I was crossing my fingers for FarSight to offer us a Banzai Run simulation one day.

Well, that day has arrived. When the monthly newsletter of FarSight appeared in my inbox I  could not believe my eyes. Banzai Run was here. I fired my iPad and a few minutes later I was playing this mythical pinball. 

What can I say? It's a fabulous game. I am an unconditional Lawlor fan, so I love everything signed by him. But Banzai Run is really special because of the vertical playfield. Every reflex you have developed over the years is useless when you are experiencing full gravity. (I remember that when the first ProPinball, The Web, came out there was a possibility to increase gravity and that made for a very, very tough game. But as we all know there is no hope to see a modern version of The Web in any foreseeable future, the ProPinball revival having gone awry). 

Banzai Run is an oldie and so the playfield is uncluttered. On the other hand the table graphics make it impossible to find a clearly visible ball. I ended up playing with blue but there are moments when one has to guess the ball's position.

Getting access to the vertical playfield is not particularly difficult (but things do get harder once you get there). I did enjoy greatly playing Banzai Run and I am sure you will also. So, do not hesitate. Go and grab it asap. 

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