01 March, 2018

Zen Pinballs do it again

Zen Studios just released a pinball trilogy inspired from the iconic Jurassic Park film franchise. Let me make it clear from the outset. I haven't watched any "Jurassic" film and do not intend to do so. I simply do not find them interesting. So, there is no nostalgia effect whatsoever when it comes to appraising this new Zen release. It consists of three tables:
Jurassic World,

Jurassic Park

and Jurassic Park mayhem

As always the tables are superbly drawn. And as always there are moving sprites (usually dinosaurs) which I find always eminently distracting. I am perfectly aware that this is a matter of personal taste, but their presence makes the game less attractive for me. One can argue that this is a new generation of pinball games taking full advantage of their digital nature. But somehow I prefer to stick to more classical tables. In this direction FarSight's Pinball Arcade does really excel (although I always find something to criticise). 

The game physics are, as always, OK and the ball does not drain exceedingly easily. After the first few seconds I turned the sound off, and unless you are a fan of dinosaur roars, I suggest that you do the same.

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