22 September, 2012

Friend's influence again

My friend Marco did it again. He pm'ed me with praise for the new Zen pinball table: Avengers. It features the six Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye) and each character has a special ball. The fact that each ball is non-uniformly painted makes the trajectories look somewhat bizarre (they are not, it's just an optical effect). The table looks nice. The moving parts are less intruding than in the previous Zen pinballs. There are plenty of ramps, perhaps too many since they even manage to almost hide the bumpers.

Do I like Avengers? Well, not really. The game is fluid but I do not manage to grasp its purpose. After some time, hitting the ball around does become boring. I think I will wait for the Plants vs Zombies table (which is supposed to come out soon) again from Zen.

1 comment:

  1. To be honest, I did not exactly praise it, just mentioned it was released. Had not played it yet at that time and didn't know what to think. And I still don't after playing a few rounds. I agree it feels like just keeping the ball in the game. But there is more to the game. Since every ball represents one of the Avengers, every one has it's own strengths (bonuses). And then there is the Hulk ball, which is not shaped as a regular ball but closer resembles an egg or maybe a rugby ball. The hulk ball's strength is of course smashing. Shooting it straight at Loki (the bad guy in the center) makes that clear. SMASH! ;)