09 September, 2012

The new Gameprom

Gameprom, which has been amply mentioned in previous posts, has just published another table for i-devices: Arcade Pinball

It's a nice one. I do like the idea of acade simulation inside the pinball game: after all a game is meant to be entertaining. Also depsite the presence of the arcade simulation and a pachinko corner (!) the table is less cluttered than the most recent Gameprom ones. So this one is a silver medal winner: to my eyes it's the best pinball on iPad after Crystal Caliburn.

P.S. Arcade Pinball does exist now also for the Mac.


  1. Same here. I can't find a way on this site to send e-mail.

  2. For Marco: please email me at basigram at gmail dot com

  3. I really like this table a whole lot. It is one of the few where the scrolling view really does add to the game. Problem is I cabn no longer run it on Lion. It is definitely a fault with the game and not my setup. ALL of the latest updates from Gameprom were screwed up on Lion. The symptoms are the same.. the ball creeps along at a jerky very slow speed.. about 5 seconds to get from the top of the table to the flippers, which dobn't respond hardly, at all, with a 2 second delay. Sometimes the entire table freezes. I had this same problem on several other Gameprom tables, always with the latest updates. In every case, rolling back to one version previous fixed the problem. The current vrsion is 1.3, and was the version I bought when I was running Snow Leopard. It ran perfectly on that. Not on Lion however. Rolling back, like I did with Pinball HD (from 1.8 to 1.7.. and this underscores the need to ALWAYS back up) is clearly the solution. I have not got a copy of 1.2 however, to roll back to. I have written Gameprom repeatedly about this, at least a half dozen times. Clearly they dont give a horses ass about customer satisfaction, because I was very polite and detailed about the issue. If anyone comes across this comment and has a copy of 1.2 handy, I'd appreciate it..