21 April, 2013

More from Farsight

Two new Farsight tables made their appearance this week. Given the rate Farsight is reviving the old tables, one can start calculating how long it will take them to produce a digital version of all the tables that had ever existed. Well, enough with dreams and onwards to the review. The first table is a classic, Space Shuttle.

It's a fast pinball game with uncluttered playfield and quite playable, even with the Farsight "special" ball, thanks to the dark colours that dominate the playfield. I did like it a lot.

I also did like the second one, White Water,

but, contrary to the Shuttle, here the game is almost impossible to play, because of the combination playfield+ball. The former is extremely bright which makes the ball incredibly hard to follow. Time and again I found myself playing by just guessing the trajectory based on the portions where the ball motion could be distinguished over the background. It's a pity because White Water is a funny game and one that I would like to have the possibility to enjoy. As the game stands it is more stressing than enjoyable.

When is Farsight going to offer us a really well designed ball? That could be a special ball only available in the pro version, for instance.  I would not hesitate to spend money for such a feature.


  1. I had the exact same experience wih both tables. I do like both but especially on White Water the ball is really hard to follow. I think Farsight should up the contrast of te ball or add a light source from behind (to a side of) the player to give the ball a sharp lightspot. That would really improve the overall playability.

  2. I've noticed that on a lot of the tables, the ball seems to go partways through the flippers..
    What's worse, though, is I just managed to get Visual Pinball running on my Mac, and have had a chance to compare the same tables from Farsight and the ones done for VP.. More often than not, the VP ones are superior both in playability and appearance. Admittedly, I'm comparing the Android ones with the VP ones, but I have both an early OSX version and the Android versions (running on my Mac through emulation), and running both in full screen, they appear to have about the same detail..
    As far as the VP ones are concerned, it really looks like either they've got a former VP table creator on board, or they've checked them out. I suspect the latter, as if they're diehard pinballers,. as they say, they would certainly have played some VP tables...