24 April, 2013

Zaccaria Pinballs

I had decided not to publish any review of ASK Homework pinballs and in fact I did not review neither their Beast Master nor the collection of Art of Pinball tables, which contained the five already published ones plus a bonus, Fire Fighter. (I only regretted not having waited for the collection which would have allowed me to have six tables for the price of two). 

What pushed me to rescind my decision was the appearance of a new pinball collection by ASK based on existing pinball machines, The Zaccaria collection. Zaccaria was a small Italian pinball company which produced a series of tables in the 70s and 80s before disappearing. ASK decided to revive these pinballs. In this first instalment one finds four tables: Locomotion

Time Machine

Devil Riders

and Pinball Champ

It goes without saying that I am not going to present exhaustive table-shots for the upcoming pinballs of the collection.

There is not much I can say for the Zaccaria pinballs. The table layouts are OK. I liked in particular the high-level board. The pinballs do not look modern but this is not a drawback to my eyes. Unfortunately the physics of ASK pinballs is not at all to my taste. One has a feeling of sluggishness which, in my case, makes me looking for the home button on the iPad in order to exit the game.

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