13 November, 2013

Timeshock will be delayed :-((

Adrian Merritt just sent a mail with some very nice renders of the Timeshock table

but also with some not so good news.

Here's is an excerpt of his mail

… having produced some of the final very high resolution renders (2200 x 2560) it has become clear that we're going to need significantly more time and/or rendering power than we had anticipated to render everything to the highest of standards. 

I'm very sorry to say that this means it is highly unlikely we'll be able to release the game in December as we'd hoped. We've already purchased some additional hardware to speed up the rendering, but we need to do much more, so we're going to be bringing a load of powerful cloud based servers into play too.

I appreciate this must be disappointing news, but hopefully a few more months wait will be tolerable, given that it has been well over a decade since the original game came out.

I guess we'll have to contend ourselves with existing pinballs till then.

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  1. Hello Vasili! I too have not heard a thing from the Lirttle Wing couple, and when I saw that the last entry on their Little Wing blog was 13 months ago, I left this reply. I believe I spoke also for you...

    "Well, it’s 8 months later, and over a year since anyone has heard from either Fujita-San or Madame Reiko.. I am becoming concerned about the two of you. I do not know you personally, but *feel* as though I do because of over 10 years of playing your pinball games, and always trying to find out how things are going. Before internet, it was very difficult, and after we all got a closer look and understanding of how much hard work you both were investing in Little Wing Pinball. Over last year, however, you seem to have disappeared.
    I am *genuinely* concerned if you both are OK… This does not seem to me like simply pinball is not being profitable (we all know it is not lately), but a bit more. Please reassure. We are longstanding supporters and feel we have a connection. Thank you!!"
    I think it was a reasonable question.. Of course I'd like to see something new from them, but also as I said, you start to feel a connection to people who so intimately create for a small user base. I hope I didn't go over the top , personally, considering they are Japanese. I know how bothersome personal questions can be, being half Japanese myself...