16 November, 2013

Waiting for Timeshock

Since we'll be waiting for quite some time for Timeshock I decided to hunt for other pinballs. My criteria are simple. I focus on freeware: somehow I am reluctant to pay for a pinball that has a non-zero probability to be below par. Also I look for nice graphics: if the developer did not understand that playing pinball must also be a visual pleasure then certainly his game is not worth the effort of trying. Of course graphics alone do not suffice (remember the totally crappy game with the pretentious name of Pinball-HD?) 

Looking around I found a game called iPinballs (another pretentious title). It is presented as if it is going to be a collection of games. For the time being only one does exists: Gangster. 

It is a not bad game: nice graphics, quite acceptable physics and the ball does not drain too easily. The only problem is that it is a one-ball game: if you wish to play longer you must purchase balls. I do not see many people doing this: I, for one, am not going to spend a a single cent.

1 comment:

  1. Ah. Russian pinball designers.. Must feel nostalgic for "old Mother Russia" as they introduce themselves as "Soviet game designer"! Maybe extra ball income go to pension fund for all of displace KGB operativesky. ;-)
    I actually have a PC game called "Russian Pinball", And it's a blast. The graphic detail is amazing too. I stopped playing for maybe a half an hour, just to look at all the animations on the table. There's a Kremlin, with tiny soldiers guarding in front, and 4 pixel high spies running away from KGB agents, a detainment camp, with escapees and sirens.. Downtown Moscow with little perfectly drawn 8 pixel high cars .. etc.. all happening at the same time. There's three levels you can choose "Demokrazy" "Kommunista" , and "Diktaturas".. which shoulkd all be self explanatory. The better you score the better youi can pull Russia ourt oif oppresion and into "Demokrazy", but you have to watch to avoid placing it in "Diktaturas" instead ;-)
    I'd sure like to see that one on OSX!
    Same with this one.. OSX really doesn't get much love.. and now even less. I'm still waiting on an iOS emulator. There's a project in the works, but like all open development, it's slooow progress...