22 March, 2014

A milestone

Just in case somebody is counting (well, blogger does), the previous post was the 100th since the blog was launched

It's a milestone. When I started posting at this blog, a year and a half ago I was not quite sure I was going to maintain it in such a regular way. All I was looking for was a way to save my Mac Pinball history. Since that beginning the blog evolved in a slightly different direction, with a strong iOS component and an occasional entry about Mac pinballs. However, this is just the tendency now-a-days, moving to iDevices to the detriment of Macs (and, even more so, of Windows PCs).


  1. Happy 100th to you!!!! Very few of us make it to 100, and as regards blogs that don't exist for ad revenue, that is, instead, blogs maintained out of sheer passion for the subject matter, even fewer make it to 100.

    Again.. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations, Vasilis. On to the next 100.