23 March, 2014

Another Farsight pinball

The people at Farsight are churning up pinball after pinball with an exemplary regularity. Who’s there to complain? Well, me for one. I wouldn’t have objected if they were taking more time to improve all that is not OK with their games. Don’t get me started on this. I have been complaining since ever about their chameleon ball. But that is not all: the physics of their games is at best mediocre. There isn’t even a decent nudge. (Nudge should be assigned to the space bar not so some non-configurable key which, depending on the language of your keyboard, may end up in some crazy place). 

Well, the new, season-three, table is WHO dunnit

Too flashy colours make the game almost unplayable even with the black ball. And then there is the price (a 100 % price hike with respect to season two). Where it not for the blog I would have stopped bothering about Farsight pinballs.


  1. I think another issue about Farsight, is that other digital pinball creators look at it and think to themselves that they can't compete pricewise or variety wise, and so do not bother. Some examples of pinballs that were scheduled to come out with a sequel but haven't are Pinball HD, Pinball Dreams (OSX version) ,Pinball Yeah (cancelled), Pinball New York City (OSX version) ,Retro Pinball (no loss there), Little Wing (big loss there), and way more...
    Shame , really...

  2. Nudge keys correspond with the iCade controller. The directional joystick gives excellent control over nudging.