22 March, 2014

ProPinball: the importance of detail

True to their promise, the ProPinball team is now issuing weekly progress reports of the work on Timeshock.  According to these reports we are not very far from the alpha version. here is a excerpt form the most recent post:

The first view is almost complete now with just some missing switches and locks for the time zone lock points to come, but that's all the big stuff done. It's possible we'll need more frames for some of the animations, but we'll find out when all the objects start going into the game and we can see them in motion. There is the backbox light to go in at some point too, including a reflection in the glass.

People who do not have access at the VIP forum are not left in the dark. There is weekly update through email for all the participants of the Kickstarter campaign. In the most recent update one could find some shots of the spinning crystal. Here is a still frame

What is really amazing (and can be more readily appreciated from the renders posted at the forum) is the extreme attention to details. Compared to this, most pinballs already in the iTunes- or App-Store look like they have been cobbled together by ham-fisted developers. Timeshock, when ready, will most definitely be the best digital pinball ever.

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  1. Yeah, looks rally promising. I'm curious if they can pull this off on the different platforms.