01 June, 2014

Beyond Timeshock (bis)

I did continue my experimentation to have the remaining ProPinballs running under emulation. Fantastic Journey did not present any difficulty. I downloaded the wrapper from Paul The Tall’s place and was able to have the game running without hassle. The case of The Web proved to be harder, as expected.

There is somebody in the ProPinball forum claiming to have been able to run The Web under Crossover. I tried but I did not manage. (I also PMed him but I got no answer). Next I looked and found a Wineskin for The Web and indeed the game does run. Only It seems stuck in that crazy mode where the gravity is multiplied by 10, thus making the game next to impossible to play. I do not know whether this is a bug or if there is a way to go back to normal gravity (I do not think so) but as it stands the game is unplayable. In fact following a Crossover thread I found an old report of someone who described the very same situation. So, the idea of a Wine emulator was discarded.

The next solution was to play The Web in DOSBox. Here I got more lucky. Using Boxer I was able to set up the game in a few clicks and had it play quite nicely. The graphics are not bad at all, as you can judge for yourself from the screenshot below.

My only remark is that I have the feeling of a certain sluggishness, as if the game were running a tad slowly. Still it is perfectly playable and one can really enjoy it. 

Since Good Old Games do not distribute The Web (yet?), setting up one’s own emulation is the only way to play The Web on a Mac now-a-days. (If you wonder where you can buy the PC version of The Web, just have a look at Amazon).

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  1. There is a setting in Boxer that adjusts the speed of the processor. That might be all you need to fix. I can't remember exactly how to access it, but I think if you run the game in a window, you can find Boxer preferences and access it from there.