22 June, 2014

Lights... Camera... Action! from Farsight

The thing that I really appreciate in Farsight is their regularity. Every month or so the are coming out with a new pinball. When you are, like myself, following the growing pains of Timeshock, you can wonder at times how the people at Farsight are doing. In fact I have been for quite some time now speculating about the engine they use. Most probably they have a Visual- or Future- pinball like home-brewed engine for all the platforms they are developing for. Any information on this would be most welcome.

This time the pinball is a classic one from Gottlieb: Lights... Camera... Action!

It's a game that I liked at first sight although it is very hard to play with the "invisible" ball. I found that the only one I could somehow follow was the dark yellow one and even thus I was losing it at times. Some features are great, in particular the pistol draw where one manages almost always to beat the villain and get a reward. Other features are a nightmare: when the ball passes through the side-lanes one cannot really follow it and it arrives at the flippers so fast that quite often it drains. Still it's fun to play this pinball and if you are ready to fork out the 4.49 $ Farsight is charging for a single table, go ahead and try it. It's a nice pinball.

That's probably a new record of mine. I did like two Farsight pinballs in a row (Junk yard last time and now Lights... Camera... Action!). Well, perhaps I am losing my mojo as a bunch of people who pretend to be journalists are saying about Apple.

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