01 June, 2014

One more oldie: Pinball World

I was visiting the site of Good Old Games in order to download the PC version of ProPinballs for my porting experimentations and I noticed that one more oldie had been ported to the Mac: Pinball World.

I purchased it immediately and before giving it a try I decided to dive into the package contents. It turned out that the game plays under the DOSBox emulator using Boxer. 

Not being a PC user I did not know the game. After playing a few games, my opinion is that this 20 years old game is far better than most of the pinball games from the App Store. It’s a game with a plot and instead of having you aim for the highest possible score it takes you on a trip around the world.

Of course, graphics are DOS-era ones (but not that bad after all) and I, personally, hate the scrolling tables. But, overall, it’s an amusing game which costs no more than a Farsight, season three, table. You can give it a try.

1 comment:

  1. It's one of the ones I have that runs well under Boxer .. of all my Dos pinballs almost every one runs well under Boxer, so along with the dozen or so Windows ones via wineskin, I'm satisfied.. I don't really miss my dead Windows partition. which is fully corrupted.. all the program and document folders show as "empty".. and I can't find my install CD. Some official Windows guy said if I can find another to use it'd be fine seeing as the number is associated with my computer and not the disc, but the general consensus has been "good luck finding a rip of a 64 bit manufacturer Vista cd"..
    Soo.. all my 200+ Windows pinballs are pretty much gone :-(
    I DO have Pinball World though, and I play it frequently, because it IS interesting.. And, as for cost, you'll never find a new copy, and good luck finding a used one.- the company folded years ago.... I DID find a still sealed one (after 2 years of looking!, but then I collect rare pinballl games).. However, almost every dos game website that deals in "abandonware" which this surely is, will have it.