26 February, 2015

Addams Family review on Toucharcade

Toucharcade published yesterday a review on the Addams Family pinball. It is a knowledgeable piece written by Shaun Musgrave who is apparently the in-house pinball specialist. If you would like to make your own idea on the matter, you can head over to Toucharcade and read the article. (Spoiler alert! Do not read the comments. Most of them are written by people who do not get pinball).

However there are a couple of things that I did not like. First, the Farsight pinball got much more coverage, graphically speaking, than the Barnstorm/Silverball one, with a partial table capture

compared to the spartan presentation of Timeshock

Second, the latter got only four stars while the Addams Family maxed out at five. The main argument was that Timeshock is an old pinball and that this shows. Well, if Timeshock is old, how about Addams Family? 

I gave above my idea on the readers’ comments. To be fair there was one comment, in the case of Timeshock, which I found to be spot-on. It has to do with the physics engine. While the developers have promised a new engine, the released version still uses the old one. This is perfectly true and I look forward to the new engine. Still, even the old one runs circles around the Farsight engine so I do not think this is something one should complain about.

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