03 June, 2015

Portal, the new table by Zen

Last week Zen Studios released a new table, with an original theme. Instead of being inspired by a movie or a TV show this time the pinball is inspired by another game, which moreover is not produced by Zen: Portal.

Unless you were living under a stone, you have certainly heard about Portal or even, like myself, played a little with this classic. I must admit that I had some expectations for the Portal pinball. After all, I did like the Walking Dead and South Park, to say nothing of Plants vs. Zombies (another game inspired pinball). Unfortunately it was a letdown. Portal is the perfect Zen pinball: great graphics, superb (but useless) animations, good physics and uninteresting gameplay. After playing the game for a few minutes on a friend's iPad I decided that it was not for me and I went back to Addams Family.

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