12 June, 2015

Zen Pinball – eSports Edition

Zen Studios just released a new pinball: eSports Edition. In this game you are supposed to compete with other pinball players. The whole match setup is complicated to the point of making one wonder why did Zen Studios invent all this. Well, I guess that they must have their reasons. 

Since the game is freeware I decided to give it a try. There are two tables in this pinball: Mars

and Epic Quest

I find the first totally uninteresting while the second would have been better were it not for a problem with ball visibility: in fact the tabletop is so high in colours that it becomes really hard to follow the ball. As always with Zen pinballs the graphics are superb and the physics OK. I was not hooked by the eSports pinball but you may give it a try.

1 comment:

  1. Epic Quest is the one pinball of Zen I played the most. But that is because of the RPG elements. I am a sucker for RPG elements. You build your character by playing the game over and over. Experience points are gathered by slaying baddies and doing some other mini games. These EXP points carry over from game to game, thus encouraging you to play it over and over. Obviously this results in getting better at the game. And when this happens it really gets fun to play. I understand it has quite some elements that are not for the pinball purist (not unsimilar to, say, Plants VS Zombies pinball) but I find it really fun and still keep playing it.