28 June, 2015

Red & Ted's road show

The new Farsight table is out and it is another Pat Lawlor one. The common lore is that Lawlor arrived at the concept for Road Show while sitting stuck in rush-hour traffic outside of Chicago due to road construction. Be that as it may, the table Red & Ted's Road Show 

is closer, theme-wise, to Funhouse. In fact instead of the single, Rudy, talking head of Funhouse, here we have two talking characters: Ted the bulldozer driver and Red, his female boss. The dual plunger of Funhouse is also present.

I haven't played the game a lot and in fact finding an acceptable hue for the ball has been far from trivial but I did like it from the outset. (But then, as you probably know, I am a sucker for Lawlor pinballs). The main reason I did not progress as much as I would have liked with the game is a) the set of rules is rather complicated and b) I'm still 100 % into Addams Family. But you, you should not hesitate: this Farsight game is a must.

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