23 December, 2015

Judge Dredd from FarSight

This is probably the last table of the year 2015 and most probably my last post before 2016. This means that this year I managed to post, on average, one post per week. Still, the total number of posts is slightly below that of 2014. 

FarSight's new table is Judge Dredd based on the well-known fictional character.

It's a nice game with several features, like the Deadworld planet and the Space Station Robotic Arm, that I did like a lot. But the thing that beats everything and makes the game worth buying beyond any doubt is the Super Game mode. The screenshot above shows such a five-ball frenzy, which, alas, does not last long since it is quite difficult to manage all five balls for longer than a few seconds. Still, even a two-ball multiball is really fun. The one nice feature is that FarSight is not charging extra for activating the Super Game mode (something, I believe, Williams was doing).

The white ball is the only one I found to be playable, and only marginally so. The playfield is too high in colours and this makes practically all balls invisible. Why, oh why, isn't FarSight producing a well contrasted silver ball?

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