01 March, 2016

A promising update

I have missed this update of two classic pinball games, Pinballs Dreams and Pinball Fantasies. The reason is that I had in the past purchased these two games under an older iTunes identifier and, when I changed it, some of the previous purchases went MIA. 

Moreover since these two games, which appeared early in the creation of the App Store, were hardly ever updated contributed to myself practically forgetting them. Then a few weeks ago Pinball Dreaming and Pinball Fantasies were both updated for the iPhone. Unfortunately there is no update (yet?) for the HD versions of the two pinballs but one can hope that some will materialise one day.

The fact that these two pinballs are not dead means that Cowboy Rodeo, who developed them, has not given up on pinballs and thus may, one day, bring the missing member of the trilogy, Pinball Illusions, to iOS . All we can do is cross our fingers and wait. 

1 comment:

  1. AFAIK there us STILL no version of Pinball Fantasies for OSX. It really IS dead. There is one called "pinball fantasy" but it is not the same game at all. I just updated Pinball Dreams because I had lost access to all my Snow Leopard tables after repairing my motherboard. They all gave me the "app is broken - please reinstall" message.. which was aggravating since the minimum OS had changed and no longer ran on 10.6. After several failed attempts to contact the developers and Apple I did find a workaround.. but I must have just missed the update for Pinball Dreams when redownloading it.
    Despite Cowboy Rodeo's assurances years ago that Fantasies would "soon" appear for the Mac, absolutely nothing was done about it, and I don't expect will now, after all this time. Pinball Fantasies was the very first computer pinball I ever played so it is a special disappointment.. ;-(