24 March, 2016

Zen M.I.A.

Since this month is rather slow in new releases I have been scouring the various sites that aggregate news on iOS games. And I found a reference to two Zen pinballs I had never seen: Rollercoaster

and Inferno

I do not know how I did miss them when they were released. Most probably that was due to the fact that it took me some time to start interesting myself in iOS pinballs. After all I started with a 3G iPhone, which was not a great game machine (although people claim that both pinballs above were playing fine on that iPhone, albeit with less than 30 fps).

Historically these two pinballs were the very first pinball games for the iPhone. However at a certain point they were pulled from the App Store despite the excellent critiques they had garnered. Trying to find more information on these "missing in action" pinballs I found a post in some forum by a member of the Zen team. He said explicitly that the games were pulled because their quality was not up to Zen standards and that they are not going to return, ever. 

I could, locate (very low quality) videos of gameplay for both Rollercoaster and Inferno. I find that both are perfectly decent games. With redrawn graphics they could have been a perfect addition to the Zen collection. It's a pity that these nice games did disappear while crappy ones keep crowding the App Store.

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