26 April, 2016

FarSight, get your act together

In my previous post on Last Action Hero I was saying that I had to try this table on the iMac's screen. I just did and, indeed, the gameplay is much nicer. One can see the details of the upper part of the playfield and this improves the whole experience.

However while playing on the iMac I found out that FarSight had screwed the game once more. First, have a look at the table menu.

Admittedly they have already announced that a new Pinball Arcade User Interface will be released (for Steam?) in a near future. But does this mean that there will be updates for all platforms? And even if this were true is there any valid reason for destroying the present GUI?

But, wait, there's more. I noticed something fishy at the end of a game of Big Shot and I played a few more without bothering about the game in order to get to the end. And there it was. 

Look at the two scores: they differ by 10000. How could they do it? It would take some deliberate bug to do this (unless it is a new feature, in which case they should have included it in the Pro version and make people pay for this).

But the worst of all is the new table angles introduced. In the number 1 and number 3 orientations you have to launch the ball when the table is tilted at an angle

or viewed from the side

which make a skillshot next to impossible. Only the number 2 orientation provides a top-down view that allows one to accurately aim at a skillshot. As far as I am concerned I always prefer the top-down view. But there may be people who prefer the number 1 orientation with its 3-D feeling, and they will have a very hard time scoring skillshots.

At times one wonders whether the people at FarSight do actually play with their own pinballs.

Oh, and one positive feature. Fair is fair: there is one. The ball shadow I have recently written about seems to be absent from the Mac version of the pinballs. Apparently it is an iDevice only feature. (But of course there are instances playing Big Shot with the standard ball when you have the impression that the ball is transparent because of those pesky reflections).

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  1. One thing that perhaps you're not aware of is that table orietations are seperate and discrete for ball launch and actual gameplay. You have to select your orientations at the right time though, to take advantage of this.... That is, before launching the ball pick the orientaion you like for launch, and then after play has started and before the ball drains pick the orientation you want for play.
    That *should* solve your problem...