24 April, 2016

Last Action Hero, by FarSight

FarSight produced another simulation of a movie-based pinball, a movie that garnered a best actor nomination at the Saturn Awards for Schwarzie, accompanied by two worst actor nominations at the Razzie and Stinkers Awards. Be that as it may, the pinball, Last Action Hero

is a nice one , with several interesting features, the Super Crane, magnets under the playfield similar to the one in Addams Family and a gun-shaped button launcher.

I did like this game and in particular the fact that you can very easily obtain a multiball. While the lower part of the table is uncluttered, the upper part is a densely packed and one has trouble seeing what is going on there. Moreover the playfield is too high in colours and one has a hard time choosing the proper colour for the ball. I opted for a white one, but the green ball is equally OK.

Usually I test the new pinballs on my iPad Air with a 9.7 inch screen and a top-down view. In the case of Last Action Hero I could not enjoy the gameplay and moreover I was unable to find a satisfactory viewing angle. Thus I moved to the iPad Pro and the situation did improve a bit. I guess that for a decent experience one has to play this pinball on a big iMac screen (but I haven't tried that yet).

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