08 April, 2016

Gameprom's new pinball: DreamLand

Without fanfare, Gamerpom added a new table to their already quite substantial collection. The new table is an amusement park based, a theme pinball manufacturers tend to return to. We have for instance real pinballs like Fun Park, Jolly Park but also digital ones like Thrillride of Sierra (reviewed in this post), Theme Park of ASK Homework or FarSight's Hurricane, to say nothing of one of Lawlor's masterpieces, Funhouse.


is a table nice graphically and has the usual layout of the recent Gameprom tables: secondary tables, three-dimensional structures, very bright colours. The physics are the ones we are accustomed to with Gameprom, although with the table at hand I find the flippers somewhat less accurate. But perhaps this is only due to an effect of perspective and once one integrates this the problem disappears. 

I find the gameplay only moderately interesting (not everyone can be Pat Lawlor) but since you can try the game before you buy I suggest that you spend some time with it in order to decide if you like it or not. 

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