03 August, 2016

Silver Castle Timeshock

Some time ago (in fact, it's already almost two years) I wrote a post on a dutch team who were trying to create a Timeshock table. Not a simulation, a real-life pinball! This was possible because all pinballs of the Pro Pinball line are realistic to the point that one can imagine that they are digital recreations of real pinballs.  So the reverse, going from the simulation to the real pinball, looked feasible to the audacious members of Castle Silver company.

I had forgotten about this project and I was reminded by a recent post in the Pro Pinball forum that was giving a link to Timeshock wallpapers produced by the Castle Silver team. They are really gorgeous. 

So I looked around, fearing that the project would have been abandoned. Fortunately my fears were ungrounded. Although the initial Silver Castle web page does not exist anymore the facebook page is still alive and contains a recent (June 15th) announcement of the team.

They explain that while project has been delayed somewhat (due to a limited pool of resources) it is still on track. The team has been expanded to include a pinball specialist (Dennis Nordman) who is tweaking the table so as to optimise the gameplay. 

The aim of the Silver Castle team is to have a running prototype hopefully ready for the Pinball Expo 2016 in October and in any case before the end of the year. I will keep an eye open and will report here when there are some news.

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  1. Great, it deserves a real life version! 👍