08 August, 2016

The blog is four years old

Yes, already four years but I am really, really disappointed. Last year I was more than happy with the milestone of 19000 page views up from 10000 the year before and 3000 during the first year. And where do we stand now? A measly 25500 page views. That's fewer than the 9000 of the third year and even slightly below the 7000 of the second one. 

What did happen? I don't really know. I am posting at the blog with the same regularity: roughly one post per week. I keep abreast of current events in the pinball simulation world and report timely on them. From time to time I publish something more technical, whenever there is sufficient material for this. Analysing the views of my various posts there is no discernible pattern. The only recent post with an exceptional number of views is my tribute to Pat Lawlor. So the only hypothesis I can formulate is that people are less and less interested in digital pinballs. The (very) bad quality of pinballs available in the App Store is probably contributing to this. But there you have it. My blog is attracting fewer people now.

What does this mean for the existence of the blog? I cannot make long-term predictions but one thing is for sure, the blog continues unchanged for the next year. Next August we will see if the downturn is permanent or if this year's performance was just a glitch.

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  1. Congrats on another year. Fight! We can finally play EightBallDeluxe. Pinball Arcade added it to iOS. Yay!