01 August, 2016

Big Hurt by FarSight

I am always criticising FarSight (and justifiably so) for their sloppiness in execution. With their rhythm of one new table per month they are not allowing themselves the necessary time for the correction of small bugs which carry on, version after version. On the other hand were it not for FarSight I would have trouble keeping this blog alive. By being able to write about a new table every month I can keep blogging without the stress of "what next?".

This month's table is a baseball themed one: Big Hurt. I will say it immediately: I don't give a damn about baseball. I grew up in a country and living in another where baseball is non-existent and I find baseball not to my taste: too static with just some frantic spurts of action. So, the table has zero added value for me. That said, it is not a bad game. I liked particularly the fact that one can easily obtain multiballs. Another positive point is the dark colour of the lower part of the table: by choosing a bright coloured ball one can play in optimal conditions.

Will I be returning to Big Hurt? Probably not. The FarSight collection contains now many great games and there will always be something more attractive to choose. On the other hand if you are a baseball fan you may perhaps like the game. Who knows?

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