02 November, 2016

FarSight's Halloween special

It is becoming a tradition. FarSight is celebrating Halloween with a special "terror"-themed table. Last year we had the excellent Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the year before Ghostbusters, which was a dressing up of Haunted House but still a nice table, and the year before that, Class of 1812 another nice table. This year's table BoneBusters 

is unfortunately a let down. I find the table uninteresting with gaudy colours which make the choice of the proper "visible" ball very difficult. Usually I do like older pinballs and BoneBusters is a table from the 80s but in this case I could not get hooked. The only moment I had real fun was when I managed to get a screen capture with the ball right in the eye-orbit of the skull ;-))

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