05 November, 2016

Not really a pinball, but, still, a nice game

I am following the state of iOS games on Touch Arcade, which is a not so bad site although I feel that they are not totally impartial in their appreciations. Still, when it comes to pinballs the site is a disaster. (Come on guys. You know which is the best site for pinball news. You are just reading it). To the Touch Arcade people if something has flippers (and sometimes even if it doesn't) it is a pinball. Despite these misgivings TA is a site that I follow every day and from time to time I find there something worth reporting.

This time they were reporting on a new game, branded as pinball, Pinout.

It is essentially an infinite runner (well, not really infinite since there is a time limit, but one which can be extended though time bonuses). The idea is that you shoot your ball with the help of flippers higher and higher through a succession of tables, by following the proper ramps. When time runs out the game stops and you get a final score.

I played the game a number of times and, although it is not a pinball it is still a nice casual game. The Tron-like graphics are pleasant to the eye and the overall physics is not bad. As you progress the game becomes more and more difficult but once you reach a check-point you have the possibility to start from there (although this requires an in-app purchase). From time to time you can obtain bonuses which allow you to freeze the time or slow-down the motion. There is even a video mode, admittedly a rather simple one, but still, it is there. 

The game is free (and you definitely do not need the in-app in order to enjoy it) so do not hesitate to give it a try.

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