11 November, 2016

When is FarSight going to fix this?

I know, I am nagging again. But after going back to the Mac to give another chance at Eight Ball Deluxe I was irritated by the start-up artefact of Pinball Arcade. This is not something new. It has existed for ages but apparently nobody at FarSight cares about this. When you start the game you are greeted by a screen that contains graphic junk which depends on what you were doing just before. Here is an example.

Obviously it does not exist on iOS. Apparently the teams who work for fixed and mobile Apple devices are not the same. (Rumour has it that there is only one Mac programmer at any given time at FarSight and that, moreover, the person is changing  frequently). So we are stuck with this hideous artefact to say nothing of the menu for the selection of a table, where you have to scroll and scroll in order to reach the game, in particular one where the initial letter is at the middle of the alphabet. No wonder I usually play Addams Family or Big Shot.

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