14 October, 2017

The new FarSight pinball, Fathom

The arrival of the three new Zen tables threw my schedule a little bit off and I haven't written about the new FarSight table, Fathom. It's an oldie and thus by definition it should have been something that I would appreciate.

Well, I don't, and I don't know why. I think that the excessively dark lower part of the table puts me off. I find that there is simply no good ball colour choice. Also, while I do like the old-style, "kick the ball as long as you can" type of play, I find that in the case of Fathom there is not much to do. 

The one point this pinball excels is in the backglass artwork. I tracked down a picture of the original one and it's a beauty. I remember doing the same thing for Paragon and Eight-Ball. It's a fact, those old pinball machines had class.

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