26 October, 2013

Halloween by Gameprom

Just in time for, well, Halloween, Gameprom has updated Pinball HD with a new table with this theme. The table is superb graphically. 

There are several moving elements but not like the madness of Zen pinballs and in no way do they influence the game. The ball is perfectly visible all the time, but, to be fair, the dark theme does help. 

I did like the game a lot. Also, you can play for a very long time if you are a little bit careful: the ball does not drain too easily, like in other games. However there is a thing I hate: cheats. They should not exist in any respectable pinball. I can understand choosing the number of balls and fixing the slope of the table at the beginning (and in fact I think of those things as being fixed once and for all by each player) but resort to cheats in the middle of a game is something I find shocking.

Did I mention that you do not have to buy the game right away: you can try it for free, with a limited play time, before making up your mind.

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