02 October, 2013

While we wait for Timeshock, Farsight ...

While we wait for Timeshock, Farsight did publish two new tables. I tried them only on my iPad mini and thus my opinion may be somewhat biased. The first table, Haunted House

is a monster table with no less than 8 flippers and three levels of play. Unfortunately the ball is (again!) invisible on the background and it drains too easily to my taste. Perhaps the game will be more playable on a big iMac screen but I have decided that it's an investment that I am not ready to make.

The second table, Teed Off

is really funnier. The fact that the central part of the table is rather dark improves the ball visibility (although on most occasion the ball is coming down from the left). I did enjoy the game. The theme is reminiscent of the Pat Lawlor masterpiece, No Good Gofers, although somewhat tamer in its setup. 

If you do not know what pinball to play while you wait for Timeshock, these two Farsight pinballs may be a suggestion.

1 comment:

  1. Ah! Haunted House.I like that one...Looks like a pretty accurate rendering of the table too. I've already ot it on my Windows partition though, with Microsoft Pinball Arcade (which was made by the Wildsnake pinball guys, incidentally). Farsight tables are just too expensive. They're really milking it, in my opinion. a full game with 3 tables usually these days sells for less than they want for each new table. OK it's a lot of work to make a new table , I get that. It seems to me though that it cost many hundreds of bucks to get caught up on all the Pinball Arcade tables, and that is just way too much. I'm going to take advantage of the free OSX Mavericks upgrade offer though, as soon as I can clear a harddrive to copy my current OS onto (I'm certainly not going to upgrade my main working OS! Learned my lesson there) So maybe I'll do another install of PA there simply to buy 2 tables...
    Sadly, my Visual pinball partition is dead. HD failure.. so it's commercial PB only for a while...