26 October, 2013

Two new tables by Farsight

Farsight continues cranking out, one after the other, classic pinball tables. This time, Halloween oblige, we are treated to Class of 1812

It's a supernatural themed pinball featuring, among others, a severed hand and a beating heart. I did like the gameplay and despite the blinking lights the ball remains visible, well, most of the time.

Victory on the other hand is a somewhat older, automobile racing pinball

I can't say that I liked it. It is too fast, given the almost invisible ball. At times you do not understand how you did manage to let the ball drain.

At this point I must add a note on Farsight flippers. I have been regularly playing Big Shot, a pinball quite simple with an uncluttered table, where, provided you play on a big screen like the one of my 27" iMac, you can follow the ball around. I noticed that time and again I am losing the ball when I try to do something clever with the flippers. When I do the same things with Tristan of Littlewing I almost never lose the ball. Something must be amiss with the Farsight flippers. 

1 comment:

  1. I happen to like Victory, but was already somewhat used to it's gameplay. It was already part of Farsight's Gottlieb Pinball Classics on Nintendo Wii, which I've played to quite some extent. It does help when understanding the rules of a pin to fully enjoy it. The Class of 1812 I haven't played enough yet to fully understand the rules but it does feel like a weird but fun pinball game. The sounds, the toys it's all so random. I'll play it some more to see if it gets better afte playing it some more.

    Btw. Besides the visibility of the ball, my big annoyance is the soundquality on iPad. Many sounds are of such a low quality it becomes crunchy. Especially the emulation of the older tables suffers from crunchy sounds. I mailed about it and they're looking into it. But I have a feeling if they could do better they already would. I guess these are Farsight's limitations as programmers? Still I do enjoy being able to play real life pinball on iPad, so I do thank them for that.