19 October, 2013

Progress report on Timeshock

Adrian Barritt reports that the table modelling, texturing and animation is all but done and that they plan to start the final renders next week. Alpha tests should not be very far away after that.

In the meantime one can enjoy a quick render of one view that shows a somewhat more detailed Mount Rushmore than the one featured in the Kickstarter campaign.

1 comment:

  1. Looks really good so far.. even in monotone!
    On another note, due to a rather urgent situation, I am planning on selling all of the pinbsll CDs I have collected. That's easily 40 or perhaps 50 disks, of which many are multiple game compilations.. Because there's not a whole 'gaggle' of digital pinball enthusiasts (precisely how much is a 'gaggle' anyways? A 'bunch' squared?) I thought the best place to start might be here.. although I'm not sure how many readers you get either... However, perhaps you or Marco could pass the word around, as you know how extensive the collection is..(seeing as you helped me build it!)