25 December, 2013

Friend's influence and another table

This is not a new table. It is part of the Star Wars series of Zen Studios I wrote about some time ago. However my friend NIck/Doc chimed in suggesting that I give it a try. So here it is: "The return of the Jedi"

It is indeed a very nice table. Graphically superb and with animations that do not manage to spoil the gameplay. However I do not really like the flippers of Zen pinballs: they are only marginally better than the ones of Farsight and at moments the game experience is suffering because of this. Not a bad table overall but not one I will be spending an appreciable amount of time.


  1. I also find the flippers a weak spot. They sure don't feel natural. It's a bit like shooting a rocket . I've found that altering my technique seems to ameliorate the frustration with them.. I gradually initiate, and then release my attack so that I'm sort of "following" the ball. Like you would do in table tennis aka "ping pong"
    P.S. You could have knocked me over with a feather a few days ago.. I had no idea there really were Orientals with the name "Ping Pong".. but I just completed a transaction with a Mr Ping Pong.. Go figure...
    Hope your Christmas was enjoyable, and a happy new year also..!