17 December, 2013

Progress report on Timeshock

By now you all know that as a Kickstarter supporter I have access to the Pro Pinball VIP forum. Adrian Barritt is posting regularly there and I decided that I would share a short progress report with you. (I hope Ade does not mind).

Over the last month there have been updates concerning high resolution renders, what is called "the first lamp" and finally a main menu mock-up

They all look great. Work is progressing along at reasonable speed. No estimate can be given concerning the alpha/beta test but rest assured that as soon as this becomes available I will share my impressions with you.

1 comment:

  1. I love that I've got , kind of, access that only a higher level kickstarter supporter could have by accessing this blog! I am following it intensely, you can be sure of that..
    But Vasili, check out the comment I'm leaving shortly on your Farsight post about their new season 3 packs.. you know, the ones that the Apple App store is dead silent about ! Cheers... Doc