23 December, 2013

Linking to a most interesting, must-read, article

My friend Nick/Doc has posted a thorough comparison of Farsight pinballs on Steam vs theones from AppStore. I urge all of you to hop over to Doc's and read that article.

Concerning the difference in quality between Steam and Apple versions

I have observed the same effect between iOS and OSX. My guess is that it has something to do with the graphic card and its driver: I got the washed-out colours only on some of my iMacs. On the iPad (and also on the iPhone) all is OK. 

Concerning the more powerful flippers, I am not surprised. Farsight flippers are lousy and probably the Farsight people themselves ended up by realising it and doing something since they were preparing a new version of physics, specific for Steam.

Ah, if only Littlewing hadn't folded...

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  1. THis is the Facebook replyI recieved from Farsight:

    Doc Rock:
    Not possible to pre-buy season 3 on the mac, nor is there any free play anymore. No answer from Farsight support (as per usual) on this issue. Wuzzup?
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    The Pinball Arcade From our lead OSX developer:
    "The Mac App Store review team really hammered on us this update. We had to take out Free Play for Fish Tales and Season Pass 3 for being a "demo" and selling undeveloped content. Interestingly, though, they were okay with Free Play on season 1 and 2 tables... "
    20 minutes ago
    Doc Rock
    Well, you advertised season 3 pass pre-pay as available on the previous screen. Does this mean that it's impossible to get season 3 forthe 30 bucks you advertised? And we have to wait util ALL the tables are out , all 10 of them, at 5 bucks a pop, instead of the previous 2 tables per pack?
    11 minutes ago
    Doc Rock
    If so I am NEVER going to buy from the App store again, and will recommend that everybody I know fo the samd. You're available on Steam anyways and I am dam glad I installed it....
    8 minutes ago
    Doc Rock
    However, if it's impossible to get a price reduction by pre-purchasing season 3, you picked a real lousy time to double the price of your table packs. After all. including one table instead of two in every pack, is essentially, doubling the price.
    4 minutes ago