23 December, 2013

Double treat for year's end

If we were wondering how we were going to occupy our free time during the end-of-year vacations Farsight and Zen Studios provided the solution: two new (and interesting) tables are there.

For Farsight it was occasion to launch what they call the Season three family of tables. The first instalment is Fish Tales

a table very nice graphically, designed by Mark Ritchie. It features a boat on the, largely uncluttered, playfield, a fishing reel and a fishing-rod-shaped plunger. The highly coloured theme is making following the "invisible" Farsight ball particularly difficult. (Following the advice of my friend Nick I have started experimenting with different balls. I will report as soon as I have something conclusive).

Zen Studios presented a table with a Dr. Strange theme

I usually dislike the excessive 3D animations of the Zen pinballs. However, in this case, I found that they were rather unobtrusive and did not spoil the gameplay. Am I going to spend much time on the Dr. Strange table? I do not think so. Although the table is nice graphically I was not hooked by the play. Your opinion may vary, though.


  1. I do not like the Doctor Strange table at all. I really DO like the Return of the Jedi (I will play it and double check if that is the correct name). Although as usual the flippers are quite lousy (as in every Zen table) the ball action is good, and there's lots of places for it to go, unlike Dr Strange. The video game feature (or what I like to call it as such) is better too . And the background is STUNNING. Maybe give that one a try , Vasili.

  2. Incidentally, there's no free play for fish tales, on the Mac in the latest update -nor is there a facility to pre-buy season 3, even though it's advertised on the previous intro screen. I contacted Farsight support about this,and left a comment on their facebook page, but no joy.

  3. Regarding the first comment.. Yes it's called return of the jedi... I think you'd really like that one...

  4. Ah, yes, FishTales. It's a nice pinball sim. Haven't played the new Zen ones yet. I am behind quite a couple of their tables. But I do own an iCade controller now (xmas present :) ) for more fun pinball action. Hopefully there's a way to install buttons on the side of the cabinet, without having to jailbreak my iPad.I though I've seen it before somewhere on the net. But it works fine as is with Farsight's tables. Will be testing others tomorrow.

    1. It tuns out only Farsight Pinball Arcade has iCade support.