12 February, 2015

Addams Family is getting closer

A message was sent to Kickstarter backers of the soon to be released Farsight digital version of one of the greatest pinballs of all times, the Addams Family, announcing an article at Forbes. Here’s the link to it, if you wish to read it in its entirety.

It contains some very interesting information, like, for instance, that just the rights to the pinball totalled 100 k$. But for me the most important thing was the link to the video of an actual Addams Family simulation. I do not feel like embedding the video here (I do not know who has the rights to it) so I just give the link.

Spoiler: the table looks great and the gameplay is what you expect from a Pat Lawlor pinball (curiously, he is not mentioned at all in the Forbes article).

In any case, one thing is sure. Addams Family is arriving.

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