25 February, 2015

Addams family pinball

It is perhaps the best pinball ever and, in any case, it is the most successful. After a long wait it is finally available (among others) on the Mac and iDevices thanks to Farsight and a Kickstarter campaign.

Although I am a Pat Lawlor fan and I was sure that I would love this pinball I did not rush to right a positive report before having sufficiently tested the game. Today after a few dozen games I feel that I can give an unbiased account of my experience.

The game is a masterpiece that even the Farsight implementation does not manage to belittle. It has great variety with a revolving bookcase, an electric chair, magnets under the playfield, and, of course the Thing. (Mind you, I am not an Addams Family TV series or movie fan). Reaching a high score is not very difficult but progressing beyond the lowest echelon is highly non-trivial. In case it is not clear from the above I did enjoy playing the Addams Family pinball quite a lot.

It goes without saying that the usual misgivings of the Farsight pinballs apply here as well. It is almost impossible to find a ball that is visible in this multicoloured playfield: the green one I finally opted for is the best compromise but, still, far from satisfactory. Be that as it may, do not hesitate, to invest in this pinball. Only ProPinballs can be better than this one.

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