17 February, 2015

Toucharcade has an article on Timeshock

Toucharcade is a site on iOS gaming with news on released or to appear games and great reviews. I read it daily and I was particularly happy when I found an extended article on Timeshock

I suggest that you hop over to toucharcade and read the article for yourselves. It is mainly positive and stresses the fact that it is most probably the best pinball simulation ever. 

Still there are a few valid points that the author of the article is making and I would like to comment on them. The first is the unique camera angle and the fact that you have to play the game in portrait mode. Frankly, I do not understand why anybody would choose to play in landscape mode (to be fair, the article's author makes clear that he, himself, prefers the portrait orientation). 

A most annoying point where I agree 100 % with him is that there is no possibility to upgrade from the standard version to the deluxe one. I you make the mistake of buying the standard one you have later to pay the full price for the deluxe. This has to be fixed the soonest possible.

But the most important point raised by the article is the question of timetable. Here I quote the original article:

All of these problems will probably be fixed eventually, but I'm a bit concerned about the potential timetable. This game was the result of a Kickstarter campaign, and with the iOS version released, the developers are likely moving on to the other versions to fulfill their obligations. I'm not sure how big their team is, but I worry that we're going to have to deal with these issues at least until the other ports are finished. There's nothing game-breaking here, but Pro Pinball does come up short in certain options that iOS gamers tend to expect as standard. 

Those are points on which I do really worry myself. We have seen the deadline slip by more than a year and we aren't finished yet. By the time all the promised versions of Timeshock are out the delay will be substantial. I only hope that the Nomisian/Barnstorm/Silverball team will have the (financial) stamina to keep working on the ProPinball series and keep my fingers crossed for Big Race USA (you know by now that this is the one I prefer).

PS. The ProPinball team is really great. The point I was mentioning above concerning the upgrade from standard to deluxe has already been corrected. An update did fix this (along with other bugs). 

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