01 July, 2015

ASK Homework Zaccaria meticulousness

While updating the apps in my iPad I stumbled upon the update of Zaccaria Pinball. By pure curiosity I decided to have a look at what this update corresponded to. I must say that I was impressed. Have a look for yourself at the screen capture below.

The people at ASK Homework have gone back and examined their released tables one by one fixing all the small annoying bugs. Some months back (or was it last year?) I had decided that I was not going to comment anymore on the ASK Homework pinballs as a few bad quality tables had irritated me at the time. However as the Zaccaria collection tables started been released I decided that they were deserving a review in this blog. Of course, the Zaccaria line is a really minor one, no masterpieces are to be expected, but still reviving a real pinball collection under digital form is meritorious. The last update shows clearly that the people at ASK Homework are taking their job seriously.

By the way, the first line in the screen capture of the update says that a “free play” mode is now available just by accepting to view some adds. To my eyes this is reason enough to give the Zaccaria pinballs a try.

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