19 July, 2015

Ant-Man pinball by Zen Studios

The recent update of Zen pinball introduced a new table of the Marvel pinball line: Ant-Man. As a rule I do not like Marvel pinballs a lot but I must admit that Ant-Man is one of the best.

The table is excellent as always, with superb graphics and fluid physics. For one the useless animations are kept yo a minimum and, in nay case, they do not interfere with the gameplay. 

I did not have the intention to buy this pinball and thus I looked around for a video of real gameplay. I suggest that you do the same if you wish to make up your own mind concerning the game. My feeling is that Ant-Man is a difficult table but worth the time invested into learning it. As for myself I will pass once more, all the more so, since I am really progressing at Addams Family and cannot think about playing any other pinball at this time.

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