28 July, 2015

Two new Tables by Gameprom

The recent update of Pinball HD brought two new tables. Unlike Red Planet which had been advertised for months before his release the new tables were (to me at least) a surprise. The first table is Fantasy

it has a medieval theme, with, unmistakeable a tribute to Game of Thrones, a dragon. I cannot say that I did particularly like the game. And I find that it has some unnecessarily moving parts (a little bit like the Zen pinballs).

The second table is Zombie Attack

(I guess, I do not have to explain what the theme of the game is about). This is a table that I did love a lot. It is funny, there are plenty of things to do, and since the ball does not drain too easily, you can enjoy gameplay for a long time. 

Moreover, since, provided you accept to watch some ads, you can try both tables for free, I suggest that you give these new tables a try. 

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